Our Products

Seasonal Produce and Cut Flowers

Our farming philosophy starts beneath the surface, with an emphasis on properly balanced soil chemistry. If all of our soil elements are in balance with one another (just like the human body) our soil life will thrive and all we have to do is put a plant in the ground and watch it grow into a nutritionally dense, life giving food. We do not put synthetic nutrients into our soil and we do not apply synthetic substances to our plants to keep away pests. Instead, we aim for a balanced soil and beneficial insect attractants to maintain a healthy ecosystem where plants can thrive.  In truth, nothing is perfect and we do have losses, but we believe it is our call from God to care for the earth, and in turn its fruit will keep us alive and well!  Our focus for 2017 is heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, ginger and turmeric.  You will find other produce available at our farm stand and through our buying clubs that was grown with this same philosophy by other farms in our area.

Pasture-Raised Eggs

Our eggs are from hens who are fed a Non-GMO feed. Our hens have free roam of our farm and enjoy foraging on grasses and bugs as well as their feed.  They roost and sleep in their egg mobile at night which is moved to fresh grass twice a week. They lay their eggs in nest boxes filled with pine shavings inside of the eggmobile.

Pastured Poultry

We raise a variety of pastured poultry products, including whole broiler chickens, eggs and seasonal turkeys. All of our birds are pastured in a unique way as to avoid predation and maximize access to fresh ground where they forage on bugs and plants, while taking in the fresh air and sunlight they need. Furthermore, our birds are fed a Non-GMO feed. We process (kill-clean-package) all of our broilers and turkeys here at our farm so we can be sure we give you the quality product you expect and we can keep more profits here as well.

Pasture-Forest Pork

Wild hogs often move between pastures, meadows and forests. Our goal as farmers is to mimic the environment that our domestic hog’s ancestors would thrive in. Our pigs roam our woods in search of anything and everything they can get their snouts into and feed on a multitude of plants and small animals. In addition, our hogs have access to Non-GMO feed. All of this ensures healthy pigs and delicious pork products that you can feel great about feeding to your family.

Salad Bar Beef

Healthy ecosystems are diverse ecosystems. Our pastures are a valuable asset to us, so we put great effort into making them healthy and diverse. Our cows graze not only on grass but on a myriad of plant species, which include grasses, legumes, forbs, and sedges to name a few. It is much like a salad bar for the cows to pick and choose what they want, when they want it.  God designed cows to be amazing digesters of low protein materials, turning them into healthful protein for us to enjoy.

Seasonal Turkeys

We raise our turkeys to the same excellent standards as all of our other animals.  These birds spend their days foraging through green pasture.  They have constant access to Non GMO grain, fresh water, clean air, healthy pasture, sunlight and shade.  Healthy birds are happy birds.  We process our turkeys on our farm to ensure a quality process all the way to harvest.  Please consider choosing one of our turkeys over the alternative mass produced product found in grocery stores.  This will simply be the best turkey you have ever had and you can know that you supported an alternative agricultural system that heals the land and people.