We are excited for you to discover the joys of learning to grow your own food!  Our hands on workshops are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of growing.  We don’t pretend to have all the answers OR promise that you’ll be a great grower right after our classes.  We will, however, give you a foundation for becoming a patient and informed practitioner of tending to your garden or homestead, caring for animals and stewarding your piece of land.


Our workshops are 4-4.5 hours long and consist of hands on experience, accompanied by lecture and a time for questions and answers!  Classes are small so there will be ample time for clarifications so you can get a full grasp on the material being taught.


Which workshop is right for you?


Beginner -$95 per person

This class is for those with very little experience in the garden.  We will go over basic principles of soil health, site selection, choosing plants, irrigation, weed and pest control and harvest!  This class will get you off to a great start and point you in the direction for success.

The Ideal Beginner Student:

-Loves food and looks forward to harvesting their own

-Has little to no experience working in a garden

-Has barely grown a vegetable successfully

-Wants to grow a garden but doesn’t know where to start

-Has very little knowledge on how much and what kind of water and food a plant needs


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Intermediate- $105 per person

Our Intermediate workshop is designed for the who have had a garden in the past, but have been frustrated with the lack of success.  We will dive deeper into the nuances of soil health, crop selection and planning, seed starting, cultivation techniques and gain even more understanding of pest and disease pressure.  We will design and troubleshoot a functional irrigation system.

The Ideal Intermediate Student:

-Has some experience working in a garden

-Has grown and harvested a vegetable crop successfully

-Wants to grow a better garden but lacks direction for next steps

-Has basic knowledge on how much water and food a plant needs

-Wants to learn how to form and execute a productive garden plan


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Advanced- $95 per person

For those who have an experienced green thumb, but are looking to master the art of constant harvesting and season extension, this is the workshop for you.  We will take you one step further into a better grasp of how the pros make every seed and square foot count to produce a super abundance of nutrient dense food, year-round, and take some time to focus on some harder to grow crops.


The Ideal Advanced Student:

-Has plenty experience working in a garden

-Has grown and harvested many vegetable crops successfully

-Wants to expand their toolkit on how to grow more in a small space

-Is ready to learn how to have out of season veggies all season long

-Wants to learn professional techniques for making the most out of your garden


We do not have any dates available yet.  Send us an email if you are interested!!

Pastured poultry -$119 per person

Come and learn the basics of egg and meat production from an experienced pastured poultry farmer.  We will examine different environments, start-to-finish production systems, breeds and feeds, and finish the day with a live, hands-on poultry processing demo. This workshop will give you a great understanding of the steps and practices necessary for raising poultry for meat or eggs, no matter how big your flock or space.


The Ideal Poultry Student:

-Has the desire to grow their own chickens for meat and eggs

-Is willing to learn what it means to respectfully take the life of an animal

-Wants to save money and is willing to get their hands dirty for it

-Needs direction on any or all facets of raising chickens

-Wants training on how to kill and clean their own meat birds


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